Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Thursday, 15.03.
18:30, KIZ Royal
Saturday, 17.03.
14:00, UCI Annenhof Saal 6


Feature Film, AT 2018, 102 min, OmeU

Something has happened. Hans vents his anger, shouts after a departing train. Elsewhere, a woman painfully bids farewell to her past. Suddenly their paths cross. Two broken souls meet in the search for their selves. What remains in the end is a silent greeting that requires no translation. Ludwig Wüst’s AUFBRUCH is a cautiously staged masterpiece, a film about looking after one another and being human. 

Director: Ludwig Wüst
Script: Ludwig Wüst
Cast: Claudia Martini, Ludwig Wüst
Camera: Klemens Koscher
Editor: Samuel Käppeli
Location Sound: Tjandra Warsosumarto
Music: Andreas Dauböck
Sounddesign: Tjandra Warsosumarto, Bernhard Maisch
Producers: Maja Savic, Ludwig Wüst
Production: film-pla.net