Festival of Austrian Film
June 8–13, 2021, Graz

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Saturday, 12.06.
18:30, Annenhof Kino 7
Sunday, 13.06.
13:30, KIZ Royal 1

Der Eismann

Short Film, AT/DE 2021, digital, 48 min, OmeU
Program: Kurzspielfilm Programm 5

If Arne weren’t a “frozen food specialist” (for example, stuffed peppers), he would be a student. Or cryonicist. Tim Oppermann’s pseudo-­documen-tary about a young man who wants to make the world a better place, and in doing so loses himself, is direct, humorous—and painfully topical. 

Director: Tim Oppermann
Script: Tim Oppermann, Lorenz Uhl
Cast: Arne Löber, Luzia Oppermann, Maximilian Thienen, AK24
Camera: Flora Fee Mayrhofer, Marcus Wagner
Editor: Dennis Dornstauder
Music: Lorenz Uhl
Sounddesign: Joseph Nik
Producers: Tim Oppermann, Camilla Hagenauer