Festival of Austrian Film
June 8–13, 2021, Graz

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Wednesday, 09.06.
19:00, Annenhof Kino 6
Saturday, 12.06.
10:30, KIZ Royal 2

I Am The Tigress

Documentary Film, AT/DE/US 2021, digital, 80 min, eOmdU

Tischa Thomas is destined for the stage. In the course of her transformation to bodybuilder and goddess, the forty-seven-year-old U.S.-American has toughened her body, and at the same time, also her soul. I Am The Tigress shows her switching from one stage to the next—whether as dominatrix, bodybuilder, grandmother, or girlfriend. In the portrait, opposites merge; moments of capitulation and victory, everyday life and state of emergency blend. The tigress prowls through extremes. 

Director: Philipp Fussenegger, Dino Osmanovic
Script: Philipp Fussenegger, Dino Osmanovic
Cast: Tischa Thomas, Edward Zahler, Steve Scibelli u. a.
Camera: Dino Osmanovic
Editor: Judy Landkammer
Music: Mario Batkovic
Sounddesign: Moritz Kerschbaumer
Additional Credits: Farbkorrektur: Daniel Hollerweger
Producers: Philipp Fussenegger, Michael Steinwand
Production: funfairfilms
Co-production: FFFyeah (DE)