Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Sunday, 24.03.
15:30, Rechbauer

Preisträger Kurzspielfilm: ENE MENE

Short Film, AT 2019, 17 min, OmeU
Program: Preisträger: Innovatives Kino & Kurzfilme

Together with her sister and her young daughter Paula, Isabella wants to celebrate Anna’s thirteenth birthday exactly the same way as the last one when Anna was still alive. But today, of all days, Paula unintentionally pushes Anna’s hamster out the window. She tries to bring the animal back to life with magic spells: without success, but not without purpose. A delicate lesson on how to live with death. 

Director: Raphaela Schmid
Script: Raphaela Schmid
Cast: PAULA: Lola Koszednar, ISABELLA: Lisa Kärcher, FRANKA: Alexandra Gottschlich
Camera: Simone Hart
Editor: Andreas Moser
Location Sound: Ines Vorreiter
Music: Sebastian Vötterl & Constantin Stimmer
Sounddesign: Bernhard Zorzi & Rudolf Pototschnig
Producers: Alisa Frischholz, Raphaela Schmid
Production: Filmakademie Wien