Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Saturday, 23.03.
10:30, Rechbauer

Kurz davor ist es passiert

Feature Film, AT 2006, 72 min, dOF

As they go about their everyday business, a customs officer, a housewife, a waiter in a brothel, a diplomat, and a taxi driver tell of dashed hopes, false promises, forced prostitution, and exploitation. They have obviously not personally experienced the events they describe; the situations are staged—but what is told has happened: the rehearsed stories of suffering delivered in a monotone voice have been assembled from protocols of talks with woman who have become victims of trafficking. 

Director: Anja Salomonowitz
Script: Anja Salomonowitz
Cast: Rainer Halbauer, Otto Pikal, Anna Sparer, Leopold Sobotka, Gertrud Tauchhammer
Camera: Jo Molitoris
Editor: Fédéric Fichefet, Gregor Wille
Location Sound: Eric Spitzer
Music: Florian Richling, David Salomonowitz
Production: AMOUR FOU Vienna