Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Saturday, 23.03.
13:00, Rechbauer

Das Haus meines Vaters

Feature Film, AT 2012, 65 min, OmeU

Andrej lives in Frankfurt. Inspired by a telephone call, he returnes to his father’s house in the town where he grew up. Filmed with a hand camera in a nearly continuous take, the visit becomes a search for clues with an uncertain aim. The past is told via a dialogue with a former schoolmate, but much more via the in between—gestures and lulls in the conversation. An exercise in immediacy, enthrallingly unexcited. 

Director: Ludwig Wüst
Script: Ludwig Wüst
Cast: Nenad Šmigoc, Martina Spitzer
Camera: Klemens Koscher
Editor: Samule Käppeli
Location Sound: Gregor Rašek