Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Saturday, 23.03.
15:00, Rechbauer

L’ homme atlantique

Innovative Cinema, FR 1981, 42 min, OmeU
Program: In Referenz Theater-, Kino-, Holzarbeit Kurzfilmprogramm: Mavericks

In the international short film program that he curates, Ludwig Wüst turns our gaze to cinema beyond the mainstream. He named his selection of films after Orson Welles, who was once called the “maverick” of Hollywood films. In it, he presents several positions of his maverick companions, who have inspired and accompanied him in his many years of work in cinema. 

Director: Marguerite Duras
Script: Marguerite Duras
Cast: Yann Andréa, Marguerite Duras
Camera: Dominique Le Rigoleur, Jean-Paul Meurisse
Editor: Françoise Belleville