Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Friday, 22.03.
14:00, Schubertkino 1
Saturday, 23.03.
21:00, Rechbauer


Animation, AT/DE/MX 2018, 7 min, ohne Dialog
Program: Innovatives Kino Programm 5

animistica moves so close to the animals and plants in a Mexican desert setting that we see their tissue and surface structures rather than a view of the organisms. Recognizable are chewed-up animal carcasses, dried plants, sand, but mainly we move through a primal soup that already bears within it the essence of all existence: its beauty, its chasms, on the threshold of becoming and dying away. 

Director: Nikki Schuster
Script: Nikki Schuster
Camera: Nikki Schuster
Editor: k.A.
Additional Credits: Tonmischung: Sebastian Müller
Producers: Nikki Schuster
Production: fiesfilm