Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Wednesday, 20.03.
13:00, UCI Annenhof Saal 5
Thursday, 21.03.
23:00, UCI Annenhof Saal 6

Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain

Short Film, AT/DE 2019, 13 min, OmeU
Program: Kurzspielfilm Programm 2

The location fits, the ski suit, too. Daniel wants to propose to his girlfriend in front of a snowy backdrop. A moment for eternity, which his buddy is meant to capture forever: so that it can relived at any time, this one moment—filmed in one take. Now, only his girlfriend has to play along. 

Director: Bernhard Wenger
Script: Bernhard Wenger
Cast: Laurence Rupp, Christopher Schärf, Clemens Berndorff, Michaela Schausberger
Camera: Adrian Bidron / Operator: Christopher Schärf
Editor: Rupert Höller
Location Sound: Ken Rischard
Music: Philipp Mair
Sounddesign: Ines Vorreiter
Production Design: Judith Kerndl
Costumes: Lena Deisenberger
Producers: Clara Bacher, Chris Dohr, Bernhard Wenger
Production: Filmakademie Wien