Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Saturday, 23.03.
18:00, Rechbauer

Der Stille Ozean

Feature Film, AT/BRD 1983, 95 min, dOF

A doctor, who commits malpractice in a major urban hospital, retreats to a remote house in the countryside. Although he is acquitted, his conscience is not so easily appeased. When a murder occurs and the southern Styria village searches for the culprit, he has to take a stand. With Der Stille Ozean, Fassbinder’s former cameraman, Xaver Schwarzenberger, presents his impressive directorial debut based on the eponymous novel by the Austrian writer Gerhard Roth. Hanno Pöschl is brilliant in this unusual serious role as the doctor. 

Director: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Script: Walter Kappacher, Gerhard Roth
Cast: Hanno Pöschl, Bert Breit, Maria Emo, Marie-France Pisier, Bruno Dallansky, Hannes Thanheiser, Paula Loew, Maria Martina, Sepp Löwinger, Joe Hembus
Camera: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Editor: Ulrike Schwarzenberger, Alice hHckl
Location Sound: Ed Parente, Norbert Lill
Music: Bert Breit
Producers: Wulf Flemming
Production: ORF, ZDF; Teamfilm Produktion