Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Wednesday, 20.03.
17:30, Schubertkino 1


Feature Film, BRD/FR 1982, 108 min, eOF

Querelle is the key film in Hanno Pöschl’s oeuvre. The story of the sailor Querelle, who is seduced by power, desire, and money, marks the climax of the Austrian actor’s career. The collaboration with Fassbinder was both pioneering and tragic for Pöschl. “I will make a star of you,” the German director is meant to have told him. The story of Querelle is based on the eponymous novel by Jean Genet and celebrates an ecstatic round dance of passion and death. 

Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Script: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Burkhard Dries
Cast: Brad Davis, Jeanne Moreau, Franco Nero, Laurent Malet, Günther Kaufmann, Hanno Pöschl
Camera: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Editor: Juliane Lorenz, Franz Walsch
Music: Peer Raben
Production Design: Rolf Zehetbauer
Costumes: Barbara Baum
Production: Albatros, Gaumont, Planet-Film