Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Thursday, 21.03.
21:15, KIZ Royal
Saturday, 23.03.
14:00, UCI Annenhof Saal 6

To the Night

Feature Film, AT 2018, 102 min, eOmdU

One has to admit, Peter Brunner demands every last little bit from his actors. In To the Night, Caleb Landry Jones succumbs entirely to the character Norman, an excessive, obsessive, traumatized man who is the only survivor of a fire that killed his parents. As artist and father, he wants to provide a good life for his wife and son, but every day, his failure becomes more obvious. Thus, he wants to save himself. A film like a merciless memory machine that no one can escape. 

Director: Peter Brunner
Script: Peter Brunner
Cast: Caleb Landry Jones, Eléonore Hendricks, Jana McKinnon, Christos Haas, Abbey Lee
Camera: Daniel Katz
Editor: Peter Brunner, Oliver Neumann
Location Sound: Michael Moote, YongSoo Lee
Sounddesign: Stefan Rosensprung, Philip Waldenberger, Manuel Grandpierre
Production Design: Katie Hickmann
Costumes: Rachel Dainer-Best
Producers: Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser, Carly Hugo, Matthew Parker, Ulrich Seidl, Klara von Veegh
Production: FreibeuterFilm
Co-production: Loveless, Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion