Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Thursday, 21.03.
10:30, KIZ Royal
Friday, 22.03.
18:00, Schubertkino 2


Documentary Film, CH 2018, 106 min, ohne Dialog

Thirteen precisely guided contemplative pan shots accompany a fir tree felled in Admont, Austria on its way to the Brazilian rainforest. The tree goes through various stages on this journey—from plant to building material to product. It is loaded, registered, and taxed. WALDEN reflects on this process and its integration into global economic cycles, while also setting our own thinking into circular motion. 

Director: Daniel Zimmermann
Script: Daniel Zimmermann
Camera: Gerald Kerkletz
Editor: Bernhard Braunstein
Location Sound: Klaus Kellermann
Sounddesign: Karoline Heflin
Producers: Aline Schmid
Production: Beauvoir Films