Festival of Austrian Film
June 8–13, 2021, Graz

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Saturday, 12.06.
16:30, Rechbauer

Der Verlorene

Feature Film, DE 1951, 98 min, dOF

In Peter Lorre’s sole work as director, two men who worked in medical research during the war, meet again in a refugee camp: the one became a Nazi, and hoodwinked the other, his boss Dr. Rothe, to such an extent that he murdered his beloved. The crime remained unpunished. Until now. In virtuoso flashbacks, Der Verlorene tells a story about the past, which refuses to fade away until justice is served. 

Director: Peter Lorre
Script: Peter Lorre, Axel Eggebrecht, Benno Vigny unter Mitarbeit von Helmut Käutner nach einer Idee von Egon Jameson/Jacobson
Cast: Peter Lorre, Karl John, Renate Mannhardt, Johanna Hofer, Gisela Trowe
Camera: Václav Vich
Editor: Carl Otto Bartning
Music: Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Producers: Arnold Pressburger, Fred Pressburger
Production: Arnold Pressburger Filmproduktion (DE)