Festival of Austrian Film
June 8–13, 2021, Graz

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Friday, 11.06.
19:00, Orpheum


Music Video, AT 2020, digital, 1 min, kein Dialog
Program: Musikvideo Programm 1 + The fortune you seek is in another cookie

“Andenborstengürteltier,” the first track of the album of the same name by the Viennese underground combo Blueblut lasts just 41 seconds. For the minimalist composition with just as minimal vocals, in a rapid montage, Angela Christlieb conveys an alienated picture of the title animal, a type of armadillo. A musical as well as visual tongue twister as artistic articulation exercise.  

Director: Angela Christlieb
Script: Angela Christlieb
Camera: Emil Weber
Editor: Angela Christlieb
Music: Blueblut
Sounddesign: Pamelia Stickney, Mark Holub, Chris Janka
Producers: Angela Christlieb
Production: aaangelfilm