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Documentary Film, AT 2010, Farbe, 97 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script: Ivette Löcker
Cast: Gihur Nesnirg, Ines Pachur, Mieko Suzuki, Marcel Exner, Dietmar Lawin
Camera: Frank Amann
Editor: Michael Palm
Location Sound: Gailute Miksyte
Producers: Ralph Wieser, Georg Misch
Production: Mischief Films


Night is a fragile construct: freedom on one hand, protective, almost anarchic, and a penitentiary on the other, lonely, quiet, and bleak. Ivette Löcker’s documentary observes people whose daily rhythm is dictated by night. In interviews and observations she explores the appeal and the curse of various nightly routines. Whether night guard, homeless person, or mystery-monger, they seem invisible during the day, but they all have dreams, fears and desires.