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Feature Film, AT 2009, Farbe+SW, 100 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2010

Director: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn
Script: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn
Cast: Matthew Mark Meyer, Claudia Vick, Sal Giorno, Tim Kirkpatrick, Jimena Hoyos, Billy Cosby, Nina Hader
Camera: Joachim Krenn, Jarrod Kloiber
Editor: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn
Location Sound: Spencer Snygg
Music: Sascha Selke
Sounddesign: Rotor Film, Holger Lehmann, Martin Frühmorgen
Production Design: finnworks
Costumes: Sigrid Fillei
Additional Credits:
Producers: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn, Carl Hollmann
Production: finnworks
Co-production: AdriAlpe-Media


A bank robbery gone wrong and the contents of a mysterious diary upset Bruce’s everyday routine. The FBI is already hard on his heels, and Bruce would like nothing more than to leave his past behind him. But soon his escape from the authorites begins to resemble a grim search for his own identity – and the diary with its disturbing images seems terribly familiar.