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Documentary Film, AT 2009, Farbe, 80 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2010

Director: Angela Summereder
Script: Angela Summereder
Camera: Joerg Burger
Editor: Michael Palm
Location Sound: Gailute Miksyte
Music: Mathias Gruber
Producers: Peter Janecek


AMS jobcentres are there to prepare jobseekers for everyday life “out there”. CVs are put together on screens and flip charts, and in role plays the skills for a successful job interview are honed and supposedly perfected. But where and when does providing help end and control, moulding and homogenisation begin? Angela Summereder interrupts the unchanging jobcentre routine with dialogues – her five protagonists become tangible, and a lively alternative to the occasionally alienating sterility of the state institution is created.