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April 5–10, 2022, Graz

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Short Film, DE 2012, Farbe, 17 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2013

Director: Matthias Zuder
Script: Marie-Therese Thill
Cast: Horst Westphal, Christian Friedel, Luise Helm u.a.
Camera: Thomas Förster
Editor: Frank Schuhmacher
Location Sound: Martin Gerigk
Music: Jesko Stahl
Producers: Annika Steffens (Creative Producer)
Production: Hamburg Media School
Co-production: Hamburg Media School


Max’s visit with his grandfather becomes a test of his moral stamina. A past whose effects endure to this day seems to divide them. When his grandfather offers him a substantial inheritance, Max must come to a decision with far-reaching consequences. A film about responsibility and the varying definitions of “decency.”