Festival of Austrian Film
March 13–18, 2018, Graz



The Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film is conceived as a forum for the presentation and discussion of Austrian cinematic productions. The goal and task of the Diagonale is a discerning, multifaceted and critical exploration of Austrian cinema, as well as garnering media attention and fostering public dialogue on the art of cinema itself. Accordingly, the filmmakers and their work lies at the heart of the festival, which offers, by means of a tailored program selection, a rare opportunity to become acquainted with Austrian cinema in all its diversity, to trace its artistic trends and to make numerous cinematic (re-)discoveries in the process.

Since 1998, the annual Diagonale festival has made Graz the film capital of Austria, and established it as the hub of the film industry and its spectators. Approximately 1,300 accredited industry professionals and 25,000 visitors, including a large number of young filmgoers, gather in Graz to enjoy the diverse selection of films, the unique festival atmosphere, as well as the talks with distinguished guests and the wide-range of program features. The environmental sustainability initiative of the festival, Diagonale Goes Green, aims to offer an ecological contribution so that environmental awareness and cinematic pleasure go hand in hand.