Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Friday, 16.03.
18:30, Rechbauer
Saturday, 17.03.
11:00, UCI Annenhof Saal 5


Documentary Film, AT 2018, 71 min, 16.3. OmdU / 17.3. OmeU

In the 1960s, the media pictures of the Nigerian Civil War shaped the notion of a continent. As was the case for Christine Moderbacher’s father, who decades later wants to help his priest Sabinus build a Catholic school in his Nigerian hometown. Joining them: the daughter and her camera. A personal father-daughter journey, and a cinematic diary about interdependencies and the incompatibility of independence movements and Christian missionary projects. 

Director: Christine Moderbacher
Script: Christine Moderbacher
Camera: Christine Moderbacher, Josef Moderbacher, Chibeke Nklachukwu Anthony
Editor: Marie Cordenier
Location Sound: Sofyann Ben Youssef Stephan Sperlich Salvatore Crisci
Music: Sofyann Ben Youssef
Sounddesign: Bernhard Zorzi
Additional Credits: Schnittassistenz: Carolina Corral Schnittberatung: Rudi Maerten Tonmischung: Bernhard Zorzi Blautöne Wien Farebkorrektur: Lee Niederkofler Textberatung: Iris Blauensteiner Location Man. Nigeria: Obi Mercy Chituru Übersetzung: Obi Mercy Chituru, Marie Cordenier, Yasmin Al-Hadithi VH8 Digitalisierung: StudioScan.be/ Schreiber-Media Postproduktionsassistenz: Sebastian Schreiner Produktionsberatung: Peter Payer
Producers: Christine Moderbacher
Production: Pinanona Produktion