Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Thursday, 15.03.
18:30, Rechbauer
Sunday, 18.03.
11:00, Rechbauer

Bojo Beach

Short Documentary Film, AT 2017, 25 min, englische Zwischentitel
Program: Kurzdokumentarfilmprogramm 2

In Bojo Beach, the workday of a group of sher­ men on the coast of Ghana condenses to a cine­ matic miniature. As a silent observer, the camera keeps its distance, lming the events from far enough away that the faces are hardly recogniz­ able. Film and work as a reduction to the basics. 

Director: Elke Groen
Script: Elke Groen Ina Ivanceanu
Camera: Elke Groen
Editor: Emily Artmann
Producers: Elke Groen
Production: groen.film KG
Co-production: AMOUR FOU Wien