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Sunday, 07.04.
11:00, Rechbauer

Muchachas de uniforme

Feature Film, MX 1951, DCP, 101 min, OmeU

This remake, shot by emigrants in Mexico, is set in a convent where daughters from bourgeois families are raised by nuns. Manuela, an orphan, whose parents came from Europe, is a social outcast and illiterate; bullied by her classmates and oppressed by the teaching methods. Only Miss Lucila, the only secular teacher understands that she needs closeness, trust, and affection. Manuela responds to her with devoted love, which cannot go unpunished in this ultra-Catholic world. 

Director: Alfredo B. Crevenna
Script: Egon Eis, Edmundo Báez nach dem Stück „Gestern und Heute" von Christa Winsloe
Cast: Irasema Dilián, Marga López, Rosaura Revueltas, Anabelle Gutiérrez, Magda Guzmán
Camera: Ignacio Torres
Editor: Rafael Portillo
Music: Raúl Lavista
Production: Rodolfo Lowenthal, Fama-Film (Mexico City)
World Premiere: Berlinale 1951







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