endowed with

€ 6,000 – donated by the Cultural Department of the City of Graz

and a voucher for

€ 2,500 – donated by Golden Girls Filmproduktion – Dramaturgical Support & Postproduction

The prize money will be awarded to the director of the film, the voucher to the film’s production company. All Austrian experimental, animated and innovative short films as well as music videos presented in the Diagonale ’24 programme will be selected for the Innovative Cinema Award.


Diagonale Prize Innovative Cinema ’24

Diagonale Prize Innovative Cinema by the City of Graz
Best Innovative, Experimental or Animation Film


Simona Obholzer

DIN 18035


Jury statement: The prizewinning film is a captivating work that captures the mechanically modified landscape in the process of becoming a football field through precise composition, montage, and rhythm. Underneath the filmmaker’s formalistic approach that echoes with the stringent norms imposed by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardisation), the work evokes questions around who decides these standards, and how they are implemented, and at what cost. As we witness the laborious exercise, we are also reminded about the senselessness in the way humans re-shape our landscape, and our society, for economic and superfluous purposes. Form is political.

Jury Innovative Cinema:
Elena Duque (filmmaker, curator, ES)
Christina Li (curator, art critic, NL)
Nina Tabassomi (director, theatre scholar, AT)



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