endowed with

€ 1,500 each – donated by ACOM – Austria Composers Association

The prize money is awarded to the composer of the respective film score. All feature-length Austrian fiction and documentary films nominated by the association at Diagonale ’24 will be considered for the Best Film Music Award.


Diagonale Prize Film Music ’24

Best Film Music Feature Film by the ACOM – Austrian Composers Association


Markus Binder
Club Zero

Jury statement: Original, refreshing, rhythmic and sometimes seemingly strange, Markus Binder’s film music in the film Club Zero does not remain in the background. It is neither underscoring nor illustrative, it appears as an independent protagonist / actor and is always present without imposing itself. Scene transitions are emphasised with percussive accents. Dissonances in the music correspond with tensions and conflicts in the film’s story. This is always done in a minimalist manner, which further emphasises the intensity of the music. Markus Binder created an unmistakable, unique sound with the film music for “Club Zero”.


Best Film Music Documentary Film by the ACOM – Austrian Composers Association


Anna Ljungberg
Night of the Coyotes

Jury statement: How do relatives of people who have to leave their homeland in the hope of a better life feel? The experiences of those left behind are a central component of this emotional documentary film about illegal migration from Mexico to the USA. By skilfully using partly dreamy, partly melancholy sounds, the composer is able to intensify feelings such as inner turmoil and longing and finds a unique musical mood for each character.

Jury Feature Film:
Ortrun Bauer (cinematographer, editor, AT)
Elena Meilicke (film critic, DE)
Silvan Zürcher (director, CH)

Jury Documentary Film:
Dunja Bialas (film publicist, festival director, DE)
Tsveta Dobreva (Festival Director, FR)
Cem Kaya (Director, DE)


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