endowed with

€ 4,000 – donated by the Province of Styria/Youth

and a voucher for

€ 1,500 – donated by LICHT WERK GRAZ

The prize money will be awarded to the director and the voucher to the producer of the film. All Austrian films by young directors (born in or after 1993) shown at Diagonale ’24 will be included in the selection. In co-operation with Ö1 intro.


Diagonale Prize form the Youth Jury of the Province of Styria

For Best Young Talent Film


Bernhard Wohlfahrter


Jury statement: The collection of happiness. Happiness can be shared. Happiness can be sought, it can be given and taken. For Gerd, happiness is in the gestures, the little things and the joys of life. He carefully collects returnable bottles by hand in Munich and meets many different people in the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite the disparaging looks and comments, Gerd always maintains his positive attitude. He experiences solidarity from those who can empathise with his situation – the privileged ones are the ones who grunt. It is a film, a story that gently criticises society without becoming too loud or heavy. The music appropriately emphasises the character of the protagonist and accompanies him through his day. We would also like to emphasise the convincing acting performance of the actors. The detailed set helps to make his situation tangible and anchor the story in reality. The images give the audience plenty of room to manoeuvre and then again provide a deep insight into the emotional worlds. What kind of day is it today? A lucky day.

Youth jury:

Chiara Bach (18 years old, BORG Monsberger Graz)
Marie Hammerl
(18 years old, BG Lichtenfels Graz)
Magdalena Piffl (16 years old, Graz Model School)
Emma Pölzl (17 years old, Graz Model School)
Rosa Zant (19 years old, graduates in 2023)

Five young people, selected during a film seminar by Heidelinde Neuburger and Steve Csacsinovits. Initiated and organised by the Verein Kulturvermittlung Steiermark – Kunstpädagogisches Institut Graz. (Idea: Max Aufischer, management until 6/2018, organisation: Luise Grinschgl)




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