FAQ about Diagonale


When does the Diagonale take place?
The Diagonale’24 takes place from April 4 to 9, 2024.



Where is the Diagonale held?
Since 1998, the Diagonale is held every year in Graz. In addition to the festival district around the Kunsthaus Graz (Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz), the cinemas are the most important venues of the festival. The Diagonale has six film theaters in four cinemas: Filmzentrum in the Rechbauerkino (Rechbauerstrasse 6, 8010 Graz), KIZ RoyalKino (Conrad von Hötzendorfstrasse 10, 8010 Graz), Schubertkino (Mehlplatz 2, 8010 Graz), and the Annenhof Kino (Annenstrasse 29, 8020 Graz).



Which films will be shown?
Every year, the Diagonale presents a selection of films, which aim to shed light on the diverse forms of artistic expression in Austrian filmmaking. Films of all genres, formats and lengths are presented: numerous feature films, feature-length documentaries, short films in a range of genres, animations as well as experimental works, will all have their world premiere or their first Austrian screening. Moreover, there will be special programs and solo shows that cater to Austrian filmmakers and their work, and are an integral part of the festival.

Which films will be shown in the section Spektrum?
This category Spectrum includes a selection of European co-productions, which have a minor Austrian participation. Films in this category are always premieres.

What mediation and support programs does the Diagonale offer?
Workshops, discussions, various installations and exhibitions, apprenticeship projects, kino:CLASS and university specials are a part of the comprehensive support and mediation programs that shape the festival. The Diagonale is intended as a platform, providing space and public exposure for dialogue about and around the subject of Austrian filmmaking. This includes dialogue between the director and the audience in the context of a Q&A following the screening of a film. Moreover, there are meetings with film industry professionals, both Austrian and international, where questions of particular importance to the domestic industry are fielded. Naturally, there will be plenty of occasions to celebrate Austrian film: be it at the opening gala, the award ceremony, at numerous receptions or as part of Club Diagonale.



Where and how do I get tickets?
Ticket sales for Diagonale ’24 start on March 22, 2024 – further information on ticket sales here.

When will the program go online?
The Diagonale’24 programme will be announced on the website on 21 March 2024.


Film Submissions

What films are eligible?
Eligible are films/videos of all genres and lengths, provided they meet the following criteria:
1.The filmmaker must live in Austria or be an Austrian citizen (submissions by Austrians living abroad are also permitted) and/or the country of (co-)production is Austria.
2. The films/videos must not have premiered before the 1st of January of the previous year.
3. Films/videos that have been previously rejected by the Diagonale cannot be resubmitted unless there have been substantial alterations to the film, e.g., a recut (please note this with your submission).

When are submission deadlines, and what is the procedure?
Film/video submissions are accepted from September 1 until November 30 2024. Please complete the online application, as of September, 1. Only material submitted to the Diagonale by November, 30 will be considered for selection. At the time of submission, only basic information is necessary. Should you be invited to participate in the Diagonale you will then be requested to provide full details about your film.
Film/videos must be submitted on DVDs that are DVD-player compatible or Blu-Ray discs or via online link (please forward the screening link to filmkopien(at)diagonale.at). The submitter assumes sole responsibility for the risk/cost associated with their submission. The submitter agrees that the film/video copy for submission or subsequent selection for participation in the Diagonale will be archived (not for commercial use).

When will I find out if my film was selected?
The film selection process lasts well into February. The directors and/or producers of films selected for the Diagonale will be invited beginning of March. Please be patient as both acceptance and rejection mails are sent in writing.

Which films can participate in the competition?
All films listed on the current Diagonale program will be participating in the competition. Only co-productions that are predominantly Austrian productions may participate in the competition. Co-productions with a lesser Austrian participation can be included in the Spektrum section of the program, but will not be considered candidates for Best Film or Best Documentary Film.



What kind of awards are there at the Diagonale?
The Diagonale awards ceremony is witness to the most prestigious film awards in Austria, including the 19,000 Euro prize for both the Best Austrian Film and the Best Austrian Documentary Film, as well as awards for Innovative Film, Short Film, Short Documentary, Film and Video Editing, Camera, Production and Costume Design, the Audience Award, the Best Young Talent Award, and Acting Awards. Moreover, in keeping with tradition, the Award for Innovative Production, the Carl Mayer Screenplay Award and the Thomas Pluch Screenplay Award as well as the Franz Grabner Prize are also given out at the Diagonale. The current prize endowment, foundation and listing for the next Diagonale can be found on our website.



Who is eligible for accreditation?
Press: Representatives of all media (print, internet, radio, TV, press agents, press photographers), reporting on the Diagonale may apply for accreditation.
The press accreditation includes entry to all films in the festival program free of charge, complimentary Diagonale catalogue, free access to the Video Library and free access to current exhibitions at Kunsthaus Graz. More information here.
Industry: Those accredited include representatives of film, television, video and cinema, professionally active filmmakers, film students and representatives of other film festivals. The festival reserves the right to decide upon accreditations after reviewing the required references and/or documents. More information here.
The Diagonale industry accreditation includes free tickets for all films in the festival program, a complimentary copy of the catalogue and free access to the current exhibitions at the Kunsthaus Graz. Accreditation alone does not ensure automatic access to either the Diagonale opening or the Diagonale award ceremony.

How do I receive the newsletter?
Our Newsletter (in German) is sent out around 15 times per year, with general information, current news and tips concerning the Austrian film festival. If you would like to receive our newsletter by e-mail, please sign up here.

How do I receive press releases?
Press agents can obtain all relevant information through the press mailing list. Should you wish to be included in the mailing list, please send us a short e-mail to presse(at)diagonale.at. General information concerning the Diagonale can be found on our website, Facebook page and through the Diagonale newsletter.



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