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Film Awards

In the context of the Diagonale, expert juries award Austria’s most highly endowed film prizes, including the two Grand Diagonale Prizes of the province of Styria. Since 2016, all award winners have received a work of art designed and realised by Anna Paul.

An overview of the previous award winners can be found here.


The great film prize
Sculpture designed to be carried in the pocket
Cast bronze 2.4 x 2.8 cm

Goldene Nüsse

© Diagonale/Miriam Raneburger

The sculpture in the shape of a nutmeg is designed to be carried in the pocket; its small format demands the concentrated attention of the viewer. With her plea to sharpen the eye for inconspicuous things, Anna Paul also adopts a central aspect of cinema: the love for a precise gaze.

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