Diagonale Awards

Monday, April 8, 2024 | 7 p.m.

Marina Lacković

In Co-operation witht Energie Steiermark

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As part of the 2024 edition of the Diagonale, Austria’s most highly endowed film prizes, totalling around € 119,500, were once again awarded by international juries, thereby honouring the many achievements associated with the production of a film. A total of 123 films were represented in the competition, ranging from established filmmakers to new discoveries. As usual, the films presented were

As usual, feature films, documentaries and short films as well as innovative films were presented. A large number of the films in the competition celebrated their Austrian or world premieres on the Graz cinema screens in the presence of the filmmakers – 84 productions to be precise.

The Grand Diagonale Prizes of the Province of Styria went to Martha Mechow with Die ängstliche Verkehrsteilnehmerin for Best Feature Film and Helin Çelik with Anqa for Best Documentary Film. The Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema of the City of Graz went to Simona Obholzer with DIN 18035.

All prizes and award winners, including the juries, the reasons and endorsements, can be found in the menu above.

Here you can find pictures of the award ceremony.


All award winners receive a work of art, designed and realised by artist Anna Paul: the golden diagonal nut, a true-to-scale bronze icon of a nutmeg that fits in every trouser or skirt pocket – a companion for all occasions!


The great film prize
Sculpture designed to be carried in the pocket
Cast bronze 2.4 x 2.8 cm
Thanks to legero united – the shoemakers | Initator of con-tempus.eu

Goldene Nüsse

© Diagonale/Miriam Raneburger

The sculpture in the shape of a nutmeg is designed to be carried in the pocket; its small format demands the concentrated attention of the viewer. With her plea to sharpen the eye for inconspicuous things, Anna Paul also adopts a central aspect of cinema: the love for a precise gaze.

With the support of legero united – the shoemakers | Initiator of con-tempus.eu.





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