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Saturday, 06.04.
20:00, KIZ Royal 1
Sunday, 07.04.
14:00, Annenhof Kino 6


Feature Film, AT 2024, DCP, 90 min, OmeU

Elena Wolff submerges into the turbulent world of the young, up-and-coming art scene of Linz. In a series of episodes, Asche tells of three couples and an outsider, of alpha males and muses, of loneliness, and the urge for self-realization. In doing so, this pop satire of the art world exercises a high-volume criticism of both patriarchy and the cultural scene—including unexpected vendettas and bizarre encounters. A relentlessly self-deprecating queer-feminist independent film made in Austria. 

Director: Elena Wolff
Script: Elena Wolff
Cast: Elena Wolff, Thomas Schubert, Selina Graf, Naomi Bah, Celine Meral, Simon Kluth, Nils Svenja Thomas, Til Schindler
Camera: Nora Einwaller
Editor: Alba Diaz
Location Sound: Lukas Benedicic, Manfred Führling, Johannes Kollmann, Rainer Montana, Gabriel Reder, Gabriel Pointner
Music: Jan Paul Wolff (Komposition)
Sounddesign: Lukas Benedicic
Production Design: Rafael Maria Baumgartner
Costumes: Elena Wolff
Additional Credits: Regieassistenz: Sophia Hochedlinger; Produktionsleitung: Elli Leeb; Maske: Gigi Ngoya Kanyinda, Helena Stöß, Helen Keil, Sophie Fischer; Compositing: Marina Schwarz; Licht: Nora Einwaller; Fotografie und Plakat: Leah Valentina Hochedlinger
Producers: Elli Leeb, Elena Wolff
Production: Elli Leeb
Co-production: Elena Wolff
Distribution in Austria: sixpackfilm
Funded by: Land Oberösterreich Kultur
Stadt Wien MA 7
World Premiere: Diagonale '24
Production format: digital







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