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Friday, 05.04.
20:30, Rechbauer

Unless you are a trickster

Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2023, DCP, 7 min, eOF
Program: POSITION Lisl Ponger 2

An assemblage of bodies, objects, and quotations. On a stage, visible and invisible borders are manipulated and crossed by performers and tricksters who anchor the idea of ecological justice for people, monarch butterflies, and other migrating populations in a divided world.  

Director: Lisl Ponger
Script: Lisl Ponger
Cast: Julian Sharp, Moravia Naranjo, Dafne Moreno
Camera: Katharina Wolf
Editor: Lisl Ponger
Location Sound: Tim Sharp, Lisl Ponger
Sounddesign: Tim Sharp, Lisl Ponger
Additional Credits: Licht: Thomas Münster; Lichtassistenz: Anna Wäger, Olga Pohankova; Zitate von: Columba Gonzalez-Duarte, Eden Robinson, Harry Robinson
Production: Lisl Ponger
Distribution in Austria: sixpackfilm







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