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Boris Bukowski - Fritze mit der Spritze
Documentary Film, AT 2017, Farbe, 84 min.
Diagonale 2017

Director, Script: Markus Mörth
Cast: Boris Bukowski Andy Beit Helmut „Schiffkowitz“ Röhrling Josef Jandrisits Robert „Robby“ Musenbichler Wolfgang Schlögl Christian Eigner Stermann & Grisseman
Camera: Hermann Dunzendorfer, Markus Mörth
Editor: Oliver Wendlinger
Location Sound: Klaus Peinhaupt, Florian Portenlänger
Music: Hannes Gill, Boris Bukowski, Andi Beit, u. a.
Sounddesign: Stefan Bauer
Additional Credits: Recherche: David Reumüller, Robert Lepenik (Rockarchiv Steiermark)
Producers: Markus Mörth
Production: Markus Mörth Filmproduktion


Boris Bukowski’s eventful career as a musician began in the 1970s in the Styrian town of Fürstenfeld. From there as base, he had an important role in shaping Austropop as a band member of Music Machine or MAGIC and later solo, with songs such as “Euer Fritze mit der Spritze.” A film about the musical heritage of a sympathetic drifter and his search for (musical) perfection and self-fulfillment.

In Reference
The festival program, In Reference, draws red lines straight through the program: In it, Austrian cinema enters into a cinematic dialogue with itself and with selected international positions—reacting, interacting, commenting. The program selectively undertakes the attempt to take up related themes of the festival program, to connect them with one another, open up doors to new conceptual spaces, and initiate dialogue.

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