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April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Actually – a Summer Film
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2020, Farbe+SW, 9 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2021

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Sasha Pirker
Cast: Daniel Moik
Sounddesign: Andi Pils
Additional Credits: Farbkorrektur: Jimi Hennrich Sprecherinnen: Luisa Kasalicky, Sasha Pirker, Judith Augustinovic, Kaucyila Brooke, Katrin Plavčak
Producers: Sasha Pirker


Austrian drinking habits, calm predatory be­havior, French fries on the beach … a collection of amusing, bizarre, and serious observations lies as a voice over, over recordings of a man swimming and excerpts from Thomas Vinterberg’s Festen (1998). Actually – a Summer Film is like a mischievous invitation to swim some crawl: in an audiovisual stream of consciousness.

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