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Empty Rooms
Innovative Cinema Short, AT/GB 2011, Farbe, 11 min.
Diagonale 2012

Director: Claudia Larcher, Constantin Popp
Script: Claudia Larcher, Constantin Popp
Camera: Claudia Larcher
Editor: Claudia Larcher, Constantin Popp
Location Sound: Constantin Popp
Music: Constantin Popp
Sounddesign: Constantin Popp
Producers: Claudia Larcher


The camera glides along a white wall, whose texture seems to penetrate the film with its form. We then see an open door, an empty room, spacious halls, of which the use and structural purpose remain obscure. Interacting with the precision of the soundscape, they evoke emotional non-places. Even the walls themselves begin to move, before finally, the animated spatial complex returns to the exit and vanishes into the void.

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