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Monte Verità
Feature Film, CH/AT/DE 2021, Farbe, 116 min., dOF
Diagonale 2022

Director: Stefan Jäger
Script: Kornelija Naraks
Cast: Maresi Riegner, Max Hubacher, Julia Jentsch, Hannah Herzsprung, Joel Basman, Phillip Hauß, Daniela Brasini, Tiana Distefano, Alina Distefano
Camera: Daniela Knapp
Editor: Noemi Preiswerk
Location Sound: Reto Stamm
Music: Volker Bertelmann
Sounddesign: Gina Keller
Production Design: Katharina Wöppermann, Nina Mader
Costumes: Veronika Albert
Additional Credits: Maske: Helene Lang Licht: Stephan Rother
Producers: Katrin Renz, Barbara Pichler, Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Christine Kiauk, Herbert Schwering, Bestie Griese, Jens Wolf, Neshe Demir, Alessandro Marcionni
Production: tellfilm (AT)
Co-production: KGP Filmproduktion (AT) Coin Film (DE) MMC Movies Köln (DE)


Twenty-nine-year-old Hanna (the magnificent Maresi Riegner) escapes from her violent husband and follows the therapist Otto Gross to Monte Verità near Ascona. There she discovers not only the fascination of a self-determined life, but also her passion for photography. The fictional self-empowerment story shows the dilemma of bourgeois women in the early twentieth century and offers a cinematic memorial to the birthplace of a social utopia.

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