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Geschichten eines Jungen, einer Frau und eines Soldaten
Short Film, DE 2021, Farbe, 22 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director: Franziska Pflaum
Script: Franziska Pflaum, Ali Reza Ahmadi
Cast: Ali Reza Ahmadi, Christina Große, Nico Ehrenteit, Nathalie Seiß, Mex Schlüpfer
Camera: Niki Waltl
Editor: Friederike Hohmuth
Location Sound: Oscar Stiebitz
Music: Jachym Kovar
Sounddesign: Christoph Kozik
Production Design: Rafael Loß
Costumes: Johanna Pflaum
Producers: Maximilian Haslberger, Balthasar Busmann, Franziska Pflaum
Production: Amerikafilm


No one can talk of war. In her confrontation with the trauma of war, Franziska Pflaum interlaces the stories of an Afghani soldier, his mother, a young boy from Afghanistan, and a filmmaker who wants to shoot a film about these people. An inability to speak arises, which is effective precisely because it can’t be filmed.

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