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Feature Film, AT 2022, Farbe, 81 min., eOF
Diagonale 2023

Director, Script, Editor: Johannes Grenzfurthner
Cast: Sophie Kathleen Kozeluh, Michael Smulik, Anne Weiner, Roland Gratzer, Jim Libby, Bob Rose, Joe Dante
Camera: Florian Hofer, Philine Hofmann, Ronald von den Sternen
Location Sound: Daniel Hasibar, Fabian Wessely
Music: Alec Empire
Sounddesign: Daniel Hasibar, Fabian Wessely
Additional Credits: Assistant Director: Jasmin Hagendorfer Farbkorrektur: Bernhard Hochenauer Associate Producers: Robert Stachel, Vlad Gozman, Michael McEnroe, Seda Röder, Matthias Röder, David Fine, Antonio Rosa Lobo
Producers: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Jasmin Hagendorfer, Günther Friesinger, Julianne Gabert
Production: monochrom


In his new horror comedy, which doesn’t skimp on cringe and madness, Johannes Grenzfurthner consolidates seemingly disjointed elements to a fascinating blend. What begins as a satire of the film industry in the form of an audio commentary, transforms to a genre film, a historical confrontation with the so-called Schwedenlöcher caves in Lower Austria, and a complex, formal experiment between the image and sound levels.

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