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Die Josef-Trilogie
Feature Film, AT/IT/CA 1995-2004, Farbe+SW, 65 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script: Thomas Woschitz
Cast: Martin Honsel, Arthur Klemt, Gerhard Kubelka, Alessandro Piva, Jürgen Maurer, Philip Amann, Helmut Stockhammer, Ruthild Rieser, Hannes Pirker, Sarah Trampitsch, Sebastian Staudinger, Georg Pörtsch, Anton Malle, Lisa Godin, Catherine Beaudry, Gary E. Plummer, Kumar Manickam, Josie Boutillier, Morgan McKee, Linda McLean, Vanessa Perri, James Cox, Ralph J. Fournier
Camera: Arnaldo Catinari, Arthur Cooper
Editor: Thomas Woschitz, Johannes Nakajima
Location Sound: Thomas Herzog, Oliver Jerney, Joe Knauer, Benito Amaro
Music: Oliver Welter, Stefan Deisenberger
Production Design: Gerhard Fresacher, Hermann Riessner
Costumes: Cinzia Cioffi, Markus Kuscher, Michaela Haag
Producers: Gabriele Kranzelbinder
Production: KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production


Die Josef-Trilogie tells the story of the lumberjacks Josef, Josef, Josef, Josef, and Josef. Their big dream is Canada, but unfortunately all they can afford is a used Opel Rekord. A young mountain farmer convinces the five Josefs to take part in a coup, which fails. Seven years later they manage to leave the old continent. But the new world proves an illusion, flickering away like the soap operas on the motel room television … (Production notes)

Although the three stories constitute a whole, in terms of genre they differ greatly. The first indicates Woschitz’s origins — the Austrian experimental scene. The second seems to be inspired by Austrian Heimatfilm, i.e., melodrama from the Alps, but in Woschitz’s take there is no glossy color print. In the third story, with his humor and stark minimalism, Woschitz joins the family of filmmakers that includes Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismäki. (kinoscala.cz)

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