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Strange Love
Innovative Cinema Short, AT/US 2010, Schwarzweiß, 5 min., eOF
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script, Editor, Music: Richard Wilhelmer
Cast: Melodie Mousset, Cody Chappel, James Benning (Sprecher)
Camera: Mark Levine
Location Sound: Chingya Wang
Sounddesign: Sebastian Menge
Production: California Institute of the Arts


An alleged idyll, bombed by squadrons of lethal fighter pilots, pictured in stereotypes – an image of war, as we know it from films. In front of this, a young American couple exchanges intimacies. “We’ll be safe. They are aiming for strategic targets.” The sirens are wailing. The image of war is dissolved into that of a romantic backdrop, of normality – surreal, somewhere between Kubrick and everyday life. “I love you like I love the bomb.”

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