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Feature Film, AT 2008, Farbe, 83 min.
Diagonale 2017

Director: Peter Jaitz
Script: Peter Jaitz, Libertad Hackl
Cast: Andi Winter, Robert Reinagl, Sissi Noé, Lara Felsenreich, Clemens v. Baeckmann
Camera: Michael Schindegger
Editor: Anja Schürenberg
Location Sound: Thomas Egger, Matthias Ermert, Wolfgang Mohaupt
Music: Alexander Kral
Sounddesign: Thomas Egger, Laura Endress
Producers: Lucia Schrenk
Production: Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, Abteilung Film und Fernsehe


Things start out well: a project leader from the auto industry, a character as though from a Houellebecq novel, is entirely fed up. And a policeman, who in his stubbornness could have sprung from any classical crime thriller, refuses to give up. Things also end well: the sun rising over the ocean in Italy. And in between: two men fighting a losing battle, loud surprise twists, a confusing, entertaining and entirely Austrian blend of cop film, YouTube, search for identity, Kottan, and student film...
(First Steps)

Spotlight on
Andi Winter is an allrounder: Color grader, cameraman and assistant, master editor, supporter and sometimes actor. He embodies the flexibility and do-it-yourself spirit of a digitally democratized generation that for the most part worked and still works in precarious conditions. More than one hundred local film productions from all aesthetic corners wouldn’t look the same without Andi Winter’s contribution. Nonetheless, almost no one outside the industry knows his name – as is typical for talented film workers who operate between the lines.

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