In Reference: Marisa Mell, Ludwig Wüst, and more …

Marisa Mell © Filmarchiv Austria

With the In Reference series, the Diagonale interlaces, mediates, and expands emphases of its current festival program. In 2023, together with the Filmarchiv Austria, the Festival of Austrian Film is dedicating a four-part cinematic homage to the Graz-born actress Marisa Mell, which will be accompanied by an extensive exhibition at the Graz Museum. Mell, the “Austrian Sophia Loren”, was one of the most famous women in European cinema in the 1960s and 1970s – a woman of the world from Graz, a rediscovery!

Also on view in the In Reference program are Ludwig Wüst’s previously unpublished studies ABC (in reference to his new film I AM HERE! in the competition program), Reinhard Jud’s docudrama Kameni Grad – Stadt aus Stein (in reference to the historical special Aktion! Action!) as well as the feature film Le Thé au harem d’Archimède by Mehdi Charef, which will be shown as an extension of the Spotlight on: Goran Rebić series.

The In Reference series can be seen from March 22 to 26 at the Diagonale in Graz.

Film program In Reference
In Reference to the exhibition “Magic Marisa” at the Graz Museum
— Nachtlokal zum Silbermond (D: Wolfgang Glück, BRD 1959)
— Gefahr: Diabolik! (D: Mario Bava, IT/FR 1968)
— Casanova & Co. (D: Franz Antel, AT/FR/IT 1977)
— Feuerblume – Die zwei Leben der Marisa Mell (D: Markus Mörth, AT 2023)
In Reference to the series Spotlight on: Goran Rebić
— Le Thé au harem d’Archimède (D: Mehdi Charef, FR 1985)
In Reference to the Carl Mayer Screenwriting Prize and the historical special Aktion! Action!
— Kameni Grad – Stadt aus Stein (D: Reinhard Jud, AT 1994)
In Reference to the competition film I AM HERE! by Ludwig Wüst
— ABC (D: Ludwig Wüst, AT 2023)

Gefahr: Diabolik!, Mario Bava © Filmarchiv Austria




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