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Retrograde in Circles
Innovative Cinema Short, AT/TR 2015, Farbe, 15 min., eOF
Diagonale 2016

Director, Camera, Editor: İpek Hamzaoğlu
Script: Cemil Hamzaoğlu
Cast: Yasemin Zamanpur, Ömer Doğan Dinçer, Cemil Hamzaoğlu
Additional Credits: Asisstentin: Maren Luisa Blume
Producers: Ipek Hamzaoğlu
Production: İpek Hamzaoğlu


A woman and two men become entangled in confusing conversations, constantly talking at cross purposes with one another. İpek Hamzaoğlu’s film breaks open narrative logic as well as common dialogue forms and courses of action, making the characters’ acting seem distanced and disconcerting. A complex satire about television soaps, media culture, and social role models; about the gap between script and reality.

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