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Praxis-Selektion 2007-2015 (40 Szenen)
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2016, Farbe, 97 min., kein Dialog
Diagonale 2017

Director: Dietmar Brehm


The signs are the conditions for the wonders that occurs in the work of the artist Dietmar Brehm. Brehm translates apparently simple traces of images – everyday objects, faces, bodies, and natural phenomena – into unfamiliar signals, news from a foreign, unexplored world. His secular icons are disturbing because they never reveal what they are after, and often not even what is happening in or with them.

Under the title Praxis, since 2007 Brehm has recompiled images and scenes from earlier works into short film collections, which he calls “volumes”, (similar to the way he already did this in his Mix films in the 1990s). Through a fundamental reworking, he lends them a “discursive, overall very cleaned-up” form, as he says himself. Currently, (early 2017), he is at volume 18 and 153 individual Praxis parts (with more than four-hundred minutes run-time). It is clear that he will go beyond the originally planned twenty-four volumes: “A never-ending film” is arising. If what the artist says is true, Brehm’s Praxis will first be completed “when I fall down dead.” For Praxis-Selektion, Brigitta Burger-Utzer and Dietmar Brehm selected forty scenes – miniatures, which last between sixty seconds and six minutes – from nine years (whose origins go back as early as the 1970s) – a ninety-seven minute selection, roughly one quarter of the series’ entire volume. This is not intended as a simple “best-of”, but rather, responds to a continually branching film work and, at the same time, should update it.
(Stefan Grissemann)

In Reference:
1000 Beat Film
Praxis-Selektion will be framed by premieres of the works INSIDE (The Color Version) and INSIDE (The Black and White Version). Both works are part of the Diagonale’17 competition. In addition, Brehm is represented in the “Pop-Special” with Kalkito-Clips.

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