Saturday, 6 April 2024
8 p.m.

Meeting point: 8 p.m., Reininghauspark tram stop, 8020 Graz

Rain alternative: tba

Further up-to-date information will be announced online at facebook.com/streetcinemagraz

Presented by Verein Stadtteil Graz Reininghaus

| Street Cinema Graz |

A short film walk by Street Cinema Graz

Street Cinema Graz © Diagonale/Harald Wawrzyniak

Street Cinema Graz once again invites festival visitors to go on a guided short film walk through the city. Or in this case through a city within a city, the Reininghaus neighbourhood in the west of Graz, which extends across the districts of Eggenberg, Gries and Wetzelsdorf and is the largest urban development project in Graz.
We start this evening at the Reininghauspark tram stop, from where we walk to the first wall. Station by station, we will move forward with mobile cinema equipment, discover new, previously hidden and surprising things and turn the district into an ephemeral cinema space that connects the viewers of this unique event.

Street Cinema Graz was founded in 2013 and combines the work of young Austrian and international filmmakers with the exploration of urban space. Equipped with a projector, speakers and laptop, Street Cinema Graz’s wanderings lead to places that elude the paths of the familiar or inspire us to look at familiar places with new eyes. Grey walls are filled with vivid scenes of light and shadow. Here we follow the films and lay new tracks. Last but not least, the communicative aspect is also at the centre of the short film walks, in which the visitors get into conversation with each other along the way, but also the people who live around the various locations are invited to join the walk.

The program of the film walk:

Yarê by Sallar Othman
Triester. Ein Farbfilm by Martin Behr & Martin Osterider
Musings Of A Mechatronic Mistress by Jasmin Bauer
Surface Séance by Michael Heindl
3 Sachen kaufen by Gabriele Mathes
Wenn ich mich zeichne, existiere ich dreifach by Christiana Perschon
Schwerelos by Sofie Spreitzer

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