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Friday, 05.04.
11:00, Schubertkino 2

Gastarbeiter in Österreich (aus dem ORF-Magazin „Kontakt")

Short Documentary Film, AT 1971, DCP, 35 min, dOF
Program: Die erste Schicht 2: Analphabeten in zwei Sprachen

At the former Südbahnhof, the back room is good enough, damp plaster peels from the ceilings of overpriced accommodations. The ORF documentary takes a hard line with the representatives from politics and business who are responsible for the living conditions of the “foreign workers.” And rightly so. Most of the time, the cheap laborers are confronted with a catastrophic housing situation. “Humaneness has no room in the existing economic system,” as the rousing voice over reports. 

Director: ORF Redaktion "Kontakt"
Production: ORF
Austrian Premiere: Erstausstrahlung am 30.5.1971







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