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Friday, 05.04.
20:30, Rechbauer

To whom it may concern

Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2022, DCP, 7 min, eOF
Program: POSITION Lisl Ponger 2

An illustrious hunting party on a stage. The clothing suggests a militarized society, and the animal masks, endangered species. Hunters and the hunted create tableaux vivants in which death comes knocking. The end is near. But Lisl Ponger is not giving up.  

Director: Lisl Ponger
Cast: Andrea Vezga Acevedo, Jamal Abale, Mariam Hage, Nina Sandino, Precious Mariam Sanusi, Martin Wax, Clara Weissmann; Voice-over: Bronwyn Lace, Julian Sharp, Conrad Wesselhoeft
Camera: Katharina Wolf
Editor: Lisl Ponger
Location Sound: Tim Sharp, Lisl Ponger
Sounddesign: Tim Sharp, Lisl Ponger
Costumes: Lisl Ponger
Additional Credits: Gaffer: Thomas Münster; Banner: Dominik Kraft; Zitate von: Malin Gewinner, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Conrad Wesselhoeft
Production: Lisl Ponger
Distribution in Austria: sixpackfilm







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