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Friday, 05.04.
20:30, Rechbauer

Space Equals Time – Far Freaking Out

Innovative Cinema Short, AT 1979, DCP, 10 min, eOF
Program: POSITION Lisl Ponger 2

First a homage to the New Journalism legend Tom Wolfe, then a look at acrobats swinging towards and away from each other on the high wire trapeze. In her first (surviving) film, Lisl Ponger explores subjectivity and the freedom of one’s own gaze, while elevating the cinematic medium to acrobatic art: images, colors, and forms intertwine in a virtuoso manner, and yet hurtle through space and time in their own beauty. And in the end, it’s off to the beach. 

Director: Lisl Ponger
Production: Lisl Ponger
Distribution in Austria: sixpackfilm







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