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Tuesday, 09.04.
16:00, KIZ Royal 2


Animation, AT 2023, DCP, 6 min, kein Dialog
Program: Kinderkino 2: Kurzfilme

A large window, behind it a wall of trees. Every attempt Irina makes to break out of her loneliness fizzles out, and she is thrown back again and again on her own reflection. But she hasn’t given up yet, and one day a new perspective opens up for her.  

Director: Amelie Loy
Script: Amelie Loy
Camera: Manuel Hartmann
Editor: Amelie Loy
Sounddesign: Bernd Dormayer
Production Design: Catherine Beyer
Costumes: Marie Pessl-Hiertz
Additional Credits: Animation: Amelie Loy, Catherine Beyer, Ksenia Lytvynenko, Michelle Laker; Compositing / VFX: Reinhard Feichtinger, Manuel Hartmann, Catherine Beyer; Licht: Manuel Hartmann; Props: Ksenia Lytvynenko; Farbkorrektur: Bastian Meier; Color Grading: Jacob Jabornig
Producers: Amelie Loy
Production: salon lionne
Funded by: CINE ART Steiermark
Land Niederösterreich Kultur
Startnext Crowdfunding
World Premiere: North East International Film Festival 2023
Austrian Premiere: Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2024
Production format: digital







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