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Monday, 08.04.
14:30, Annenhof Kino 5
Tuesday, 09.04.
11:00, Annenhof Kino 5


Short Film, AT 2023, DCP, 19 min, OmeU
Program: Kurzspielfilm Programm 5

Rojava, Syria: It is scorching hot and once again, there’s no water. The school girl Yarê (Rolav Ferec Hac Mihemed) realizes that things can’t go on like this and embarks on a journey into the unknown. Sallar Othman’s film is a cry for help—and at the same time a piece of cinema made with impressive stylistic clarity that gives us a better understanding of everyday life in a region forgotten by the global public. 

Director: Sallar Othman
Script: Sallar Othman
Cast: Rolav Ferec Hac Mihemed, Eziza Nayîf, Delal Behcet Yûnis, Sêrwan Mele, Mihemed Isman Mihemed, Ehmed Mele, Aya Ridwan Emîn, Abo Ammer, Jihan Daood, Abo Mahmood
Camera: Soran Saleh, Sallar Othman
Editor: Dennis Dornstauder, Sallar Othman
Location Sound: Mustafa Wayes
Sounddesign: Nora Czamler, Josef Umschaid
Production Design: Sallar Othman
Additional Credits: Regieassistenz: Thaer Ibrahim
Producers: Sallar Othman, loan Gavriel, Aurélie d'Ardailhon Miramon
Co-production: Komina Film A Rojava, Menura Film
Distribution in Austria: sixpackfilm
Funded by: Stadt Wien MA 7
World Premiere: Diagonale '24
Production format: digital







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