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Sunday, 07.04.
17:00, KIZ Royal 1
Monday, 08.04.
20:30, Schubertkino 1


Music Video, AT 2023, DCP, 5 min, kein Dialog
Program: Kurzspielfilm Programm 4

What are you supposed to do when you’re as unhappy as the man with the white make-up who can’t find solace on the streets of the big city? In Simon Spitzer’s music video, the dancer Žiga Jereb knows what to do: his performance becomes increasingly more intense until his legs carry him somewhere where he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  

Director: Simon Spitzer
Script: Simon Spitzer
Cast: Žiga Jereb, Renate Fuchs, Karl Mayr, Katharina Simunic, Piyush Joshi, Christine Fetz u.a.
Camera: Simon Spitzer
Editor: Simon Spitzer
Music: Simon Spitzer
Additional Credits: Regieassistenz: Josefa Großschedl
Producers: Simon Spitzer
World Premiere: YouTube 2023
Production format: digital







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